I'm aiming for a small but world-class company. This is my wish.

Considering each employee that joins the company as an important contributor to improving work capability through human intellect, we aim to be a "small but world-class company" that always provides world class products that will please our customers.
For that purpose, we are putting effort into creating a soil in which to cultivate human resources that can provide high quality technology and services. Since 1990, we have been holding monthly "Shukanjuku"; in-house training where all staff create management plans and participate in operating the business to encourage the sharing of values and participation in management.
In 1991, I encountered Mr. Hidesaburo Kagiyama, who introduced "Sojido" to me, the idea that "Creating a good environment is the foundation for good quality and good human growth". Based on this idea, we start cleaning early in the morning, and begin work only after making our workplace clean and beautiful. At the same time, we work at cleaning activities for local communities.
In this way, by doing a thorough clean up along with our Shukanjuku, we aim to be a "small but world-class company" that makes both customers and local communities happy with our corporate philosophy; "promote happiness by building a company that makes better products", while creating good corporate culture and increasing employee awareness.

President and CEO Yoshihito Tanaka
President and CEO Yoshihito Tanaka