Corporate Philosophy

We aim to make a company where everyone experiences happiness.

We at TSK Inc., by continuing to provide the highest quality technology and services,
hope to satisfy everyone connected to us, especially our customers.
By connecting our employee's happiness to the satisfaction of our customers,
we aim to make a company where everyone experiences happiness.

Corporate Philosophy

We aim to promote happiness
by building a company
that makes better products.

Corporate Philosophy

All staff members Clean together.
Put the shoes in order.
Greet each other.

  • •Good morning.
  • •Welcome.
  • •Thank you very much.

At TSK Inc. the growth of each individual is important.

  • 01
    Corporate symbol of a pyramid motif

    The symbol of TSK Inc. is a pyramid. This comes from the Pyramix Theory which divides the ideal growth of a company into five stages.

  • 02
    Pyramid style layering fortifies the foundation

    Of course, caring for the top of the pyramid is important, but we believe that fortifying the base is even more important.
    We believe that by remembering basics principals, thoroughly fortifying our foundation, and repeating procedures, we can become the best company in the region, and our staff can do excellent work anywhere they go.

  • 03
    Cooperation within and without to be a "small but world-class company"

    As a small but world-class company, networking domestically and abroad, we aim to support the growth of our customers. While serving the world, we aim to deliver happiness to everyone we come in contact with.

What is the Pyramix Theory?

In 1988, we started holding to the Pyramix Theory, with the aim of becoming a "small but world-class company" delivering happiness to all we come in contact with. In order to become an ideal company, we integrated a process principal of 5 steps chosen from the four sides of the pyramid (management skills, product strength, finances and human resources) to experienced step by step growth.

Theory diagram of pyramics
Each employee becomes "a good worker, a family oriented, contributing member of society" encouraged to keep up self-growth and live life fully. In line with our motto to encourage human growth, we also cultivate a company culture that is like a soil where people can "grow good habits".
For more information about Pyramix Theory, click here.(PDF)
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